Public Lecture by Stephen Hawking and Michael Green

Monday 11:30
 Jacques Dumais Some Intriguing Dynamical Systems Inspired by Plants
Tuesday 16:40
 Sylvia Serfaty Crystallization Questions for Systems with Coulomb and Riesz Interactions
Wednesday 11:30
 Robert Calderbank The Art of Measurement
Wednesday 17:00  Andrew Wiles On the Arithmetic of Ideal Class Groups
Thursday 11:40
 Stan Osher The Impact of L1 Optimization in Nonlinear PDEs

No conference accommodation is available, but there are College rooms available at
University Rooms.

New: Live YouTube Streaming

Our aim is to stream Tuesday's Public Lecture, and Wednesday's LMS Lectures, live via YouTube. Details will be made available subsequently on the Public Lecture and  Programme pages respectively. Key conference announcements can be followed at the

New: Live YouTube Streaming

Our aim is to stream the lecture live via YouTube. Details on how to watch the stream will be announced by 18:00 on Tuesday 31st March on this page. Please note that because of technical issues if the stream is interrupted, then you will need to revisit this page for the new link.

Key conference announcements can be followed at the

Public Lecture, sponsored by the 
Institute of Mathematics and its Applications, will be given jointly by Stephen Hawking and Michael Green at 19:00 on Tuesday 31st March.  This is a ticket-only event, and there has been a great deal of demand for places at this lecture. A limited number of tickets were released at 19:00 GMT on Thursday 5 March via the following
Please note that:
  • The tickets are not being advertised on the Eventbrite site.
  • Unfortunately, because of capacity limitations, only a relatively small number of tickets can be made available.
  • Local secondary schools have been given first refusal on a majority of the tickets; if any tickets are not taken up by the schools, a further release of tickets may be made at 19:00 GMT on Tuesday 10 March if capacity allows. 
Thank you for your interest.

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